Saturday, October 4, 2008

Radiohead Remixed

Oooh they're at it again! First they had us all in a tizzy when they announced the Nude remix contest a while back, now Radiohead have put the parts for Reckoner online to give the world at large another shot at playing around with Thom's voice as much as possible.

To be honest the whole thing sounds like a bit of a swizz to me; the concept of asking the public at large to PURCHASE individual stems of a song for the explicit purpose of remixing them and submitting those creations to an online forum is somewhat ludicrous, especially when plenty of other remix possibilities are available to amateur producers. They also don't seem to have done much to correct the problems of the last contest.

The contest (I'm loathe to use that term since the winner doesn't actually get anything) will, however, result in some fabulous tracks gracing the blogosphere over the coming weeks, and has already thrown up two good ones, which were released when the contest (UGH) was announced.

Reckoner (Holden Remix) - Radiohead (Zshare)
Reckoner (Diplo Remix) - Radiohead (Zshare)

And yes, I realise that they have a right to charge for stems, given that they made the album available online for free. But let's be realistic here; Radiohead fans are a dedicated bunch, and I'm willing to assume a considerable number of them paid far and above what Radiohead would have made per album on a physical sale (indeed, are making right now with In Rainbows on XL, though XL are a nice label so who knows).

I paid £5 for it, which, by most estimates, is at least twice what most bands make per album sale. Given that Radiohead have yet to reveal their profits on their Internet release "gamble", it would be unwise to assume that they have some kind of financial imperative to recover any losses from their latest album.

Oh well what do I care. Diplo remix is amazing! Long live Radiohead!

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